Credit Card Utilization Tracking Spreadsheet

Fill in your Accounts with the opening date and will show you the accounts age and the Average of all of your Accounts as a whole.
** You MUST have Excel or a program that can read and edit an excel file. Save local to your computer and then enable editing from safe mode**
1. Keeps track of card balance and utilization per card.
2. Keeps track of total utilization and warns when over 29% and 9.9%
3. Lines to track last Credit Line Increase , statement date, due date
4. How many cards are at high risk and med risk on utilization
5. Various other little warnings and suggestions appear as you process data.
6. Tells you the expected utilization change with a payment made.
7. Tracks Installment Loans such as Safe Lender (link included)
8. How Many account have a Balance and when you have too LOW of a balance for max FICO score.
9. Track your 609s, Inq Deletion, etc requests
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I have paper statements mailed. I enter the info as soon as I get my statement. Or I check online for the info. I can enter what I plan to pay and see if the Util drops to were I need. It will tell you how much to pay on your highest balance card to drop your balances the fastest. Hope this helps some people, I know it helped me.
If you have something that would help you track something I don’t let me know and I will see if I can add it to the form for you..
To use on iPad/iPhone…open the link in Safari and then import to Numbers.
If you do not have Microsoft Excel you can upload to Google Docs or download a FREE excel alternative here:
 You can download this Excel Spread sheet here :