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Credit Warriors, Inc.
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by Mimi on Credit Warriors, Inc.
Life changing group

This group has been AMAZING! It teaches you how to be responsible in life and gives you all the tools necessary to do so. Credit repair and a maintenance can be tedious and intimidating. At one point I thought this was not gonna work b/c the initial excitement faded away after long wait periods. Then all of a sudden points started adding up, things started disappearing and credit started rebuilding 🙏🏽... CW provides a handbook that has almost every answer you need! A jump start to being successful can’t get any easier...

by James on Credit Warriors, Inc.
Modern Day Harriet Tubman...

This finally happened (got a home). The bible speaks about giving honor to whom honor is due (Romans 13:7). Here it goes...

Sypreme Essence I refer to her as the Modern Day Harriet Tubman (hashtag that #moderndaytubman) I call her that because through her efforts she's brought hundreds of thousands of people out of Financial Slavery setting them Free to Credit Worthiness through her FB Page Credit Warriors® Each One Teach One. Again I don't know her personally but I owe her vision and her team a debt of gratitude.

Started January 2017 with a Credit Score in the Low 500's. Followed Sypreme's instructions to a tee... almost (I tried to dispute a Charge-off without fully waiting for the Suppressions to happen - LexusNexis). I paid the price for that end the end.

Got everything removed: Judgments, Chare-offs (expect one).

By August of 2017 I was at a 727... Applied in December... got approved for FHA 3% Down 3.75% Rate. (Of course there is more ups and downs to the story and how God worked out Miracles to make this happen... you can read about that on my personal page).

Thank all Credit Cousins!

by Y.Harkness on Credit Warriors, Inc.
God Sent

This group is a God Sent. At first I was a little skeptical but once I got started I Couldn't stop. I ma not where I want to be but I am getting there. I am about this Credit LIFE. Taking my 18 year old son on this journey with me!

by Yanet Cross on Credit Warriors, Inc.
Awesome Website!

the website is very educational and filled with lots of information. If you get a chance to and want to learn how to repair your own credit, please find our group on Facebook. You will not regret it!!!!! LOVE THIS GROUP!