Did you know child support can be removed from your report?

To get child support off you need to contact the child support department and request a forensic audit of the file if they don’t produce it or if the information is different from what is being reported then you will be able to remove it. Here is what you will write to child support not the credit bureau. If they can not provide what you request they must remove it from the credit report. If they are not in compliance you can use your letter and their lack of proof to have it removed yourself.

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Please provide me a certified copy of your final forensic audit and complete audit trail of my child support account. I will need verification of the audit debt entry in accordance with GAAP, and also proving compliance with GAAP Matching Principles, and in accordance with IFRS, and in accordance with BASEL III, and in accordance with Accord and UNCITRAL Conventions.

I am not merely asking for statements. Please show me the full double-entry bookkeeping accounting ledger.  By no means am I implementing that you should evade responsibility of supporting your children. I am simply advocating for individuals who do support their children but need that derogatory mark off of their credit report.

Credit Warriors has a Child Support removal service. If you do not have the time to do it yourself, then you can hire me and I will do the work for you. Please contact my office @ (888)617-8130 to get started.

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