Discover has a tool to check your Experian FICO for free: This is an important product, because compared to other credit score tools, it has the following advantages:

  • The score is based on Experian (EX), and most banks pull EX nowadays. Although Credit Karma can see many more details, they are from Equifax (EQ) and TransUnion (TU), and you won’t see most of the hard pulls there.
  • The credit score is based on the official model: FICO model. As a comparison, Credit Karma, etc. use other models.
  • Compared to the credit score provided by AmEx credit cards, it also shows number of accounts, the credit length, number of hard pulls, Utilization, etc.
  • You don’t have to be a Discover customer to use Anyone can use it!
  • It updates every 30 days.

Experian FICO

Based on these advantages, I strongly recommend all readers to register for it:, and use that score to report data points! This website is a independent website from Discover, you can’t use your username and password for Discover credit cards to login, you need to register first. If you see the error “Sorry, something went wrong on our end”, you can try to do it again. I had this error once, but I successfully registered after I tried it one more time.



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Free Experian FICO score: Credit Scorecard by Discover
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