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  1.       The best way to repair your credit and increase your credit score is to dispute negative items on your credit report by sending dispute letters in the mail to all 3 credit bureaus, by yourself.

SmartCredit plan options are $19.95 and $24.95. Both plans include 1 monthly update of your 3 bureau credit reports and scores. Both plans work exactly the same with your  account.

  1.       Link your 3 bureau credit reports and scores. The software automatically identifies the accounts that are hurting your credit score and will highlight the exact negative info within each account.
  2.       Create the most effective legal dispute letters possible in under a minute. It’s so fast and easy.
  3.       Select which accounts you want to include in your dispute letters for each of the 3 credit bureaus. You can dispute as many accounts as you want to as well as any type of account including: late payments, repossessions, charge offs, foreclosures, collections, inquiries, bankruptcy, judgements.
  4.        Select a dispute reason for each account. You can select any reason from the dropdown menu, you can use the suggested reason which is based on the type of negative account and the information contained within your 3 bureau credit report, or you can choose to enter a custom reason.
  5.       Your dispute letters will be emailed to you along with any documents you’ve uploaded into your account such as proof of address and photo ID. All you have to do is sign the letter and mail it.
  6.      The software will automatically update your 3 bureau credit reports and scores every 40 days and notify you of the results of your disputes. Any accounts not deleted can be disputed again with new dispute reasons until you are satisfied with your results.
  7.       Free resources are included in your account under the “Resources” tab.
  8.       Tutorials – 5 short videos (2 to 3 minutes each) that will walk you through all the features of your account and show you how easy it is to create professional disputes in under a minute.
  9.       Templates –  This section has letter templates and guides that you can download and use for any credit repair purposes.
  10.       Educational – 11 short videos (2 to 4 minutes each) that will teach you everything you need to know about credit reports and scores and how to build and use your credit like a pro.

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