For those that do not understand how the Credit Card system works. I’ll try and lay it out as easy as I can in a few different ways to use a card.. This post will be updated with each lesson to keep in all one post.. Just turn on notifications for the post PLEASE DON’T type following or some silly meme and make people come back for nothing looking for an update!

We will assume for ease of calculating we have a zero balance card going into Dec. Lets say we are going to start fresh this Dec. These 2 dates are important in ALL cases. These are random dates I pick with a typical 25 days apart for most cards. Some have 30 days. You will need to call and ask these dates for sure. We will assume this is a ohhh Cash NCFU Rewards (Green) Card, it can be any card with rewards.


Credit Limit $500 (could be more)
1: Statement/Closing Date Jan 5th
2. Due Date: Jan 30

1. Typical pay off all month build up tons of cash rewards.

Dec 6th: I buy Gas $40 / McDs $20 / Groceries $99
Dec 9th: The card shows a Balance of $159.00 , I pay it with my debit card. ( rewards earned)
Dec 10-12: Spend $150 again..
Dec 14th: Pay the balance again.
Dec 16th : Monthly Food Shopping $500, Put $400 on Card. $100 Cash
Dec 19th: Pay card back to Zero again.
Dec 21: Pay utilities and Insurance $110 + $320
Dec 23: Pay Back to Zero
Dec 25 : Pay netflex, gas, electric bill, exc ( $475 )
Dec 27: Pay to Zero
Dec 30: Spend another $200 on what ever..
Jan 4th Pay card back to a ZERO Balance (Statement Date and reported to CBs with a ZERO utilization on the 5th)
In this plan I have spent $1814 on my $500 card and earned $18 free cash with a 1% cash rewards. As I had no balance on the 5th my due date I have NO min payment on the 30th coming due. And I have paid no interest and made $18 free

Repeat next month.

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