The Roots of Credit Warriors..

I needed to attempt to fix my credit. I went to a second-hand shop and purchased every book I could get my hands on that detailed the subject; then it quickly dawned on me why I totally avoided anything remotely close to the words CREDIT REPAIR, it was so complex and intimidating. I needed to learn the correct verbiage, in a way that spoke to me, yet complied with all state and federal laws. I discovered several tactical ways to clean up my credit report just by knowing the law. As I began to master this craft, I became obsessed by my discoveries, I just knew that I could not keep it a secret and I wanted everyone in the world to know. I knew that this would literally change lives. I’ve never felt so liberated and happy in my whole entire life! My joy comes from helping people achieve what they have always felt was elusive. I eat, sleep and everything in between credit restoration! It’s literally all that I think about.

I just want to take this time out to thank you all for adding value to my life and to encourage you to follow your bliss, no matter how crazy it may seem. Know that we all reign supreme, there is nothing that we cannot be, do or have because anything is possible as well as attainable. We were meant to reap the many beautiful rewards that life has to offer. It’s all in the divine plan….