Verification vs Verification

The verification process is done directly with the Credit Bureaus

Verification is done by the bureau when they check to see if the information listing on your credit file is the actual information the furnisher reported. The Fair Credit Reporting Act lays out some very specific sets of regulations the bureau is required to follow when verification is requested. When they do not follow the regulations, they are required to remove the report from your file, so we can leverage this to remove incorrect, erroneous and unverifiable information.

The validation process is done directly with the Creditors.

Validation is the expectation that the creditors are going to have to prove that you actually owe the debt. They will often send you a copy of the bill, but a bill doesn’t mean you opened the account or agreed to the responsibility of the debt. They must provide you with a contract from the original creditor or some equally iron clad proof that you agreed to the debt. If they do not, or cannot provide this, then they are required to remove the file from your credit report.



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